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The Stories Inside

June 17, 2009

Today I had the great privilege to Facebook chat with an old friend of mine whom I don’t get to see regularly. We have a shared passion for film, and he has an incredible talent for developing visually stimulating and engaging film scripts that I have often had the pleasure to read and enjoy. What strikes me is the ability that he as at creating a language of image and sound that transform his written words into my mind’s eye and ear, so that I can see it so vividly and actually hear the dialogue and sounds of the script. He shared a new one with me today, and its message hit home for me. The script today was filled with the deep-layered message of the need to express our creativity that burns deep inside us, often at great difficulty as we struggle to find our niche, our individuality, our purpose in our talent. But when it all clicks into place, something magical comes forth. This is relatable whether through art, music, writing, filmmaking, or any other creative medium. I saw the relection of the story in my own friend, who passionately and ardently churns out these scripts for the simple reason that they are inside him, seeking to be birthed out onto the written page. It was a humble reminder to myself to not allow the deep-rooted desires God has placed inside of me to wane, as I only seek to take in other people’s stories and never create my own. I feel like there are stories inside me to tell, waiting to come out, but I continually neglect making any time for my writing. Thanks, Matt, for the reminder to just keep writing and creating.

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