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Just Another Blog Post About The New Year…

January 1, 2010

Wow, it is January 1st, 2010, and I am willing to bet the most numerous blog post topic of today will be about New Years Resolutions and changing your life, etc., etc.  Dangerously veering toward cliche territory, I have spent the last week examining my self and my ministry, looking for areas that need improvement.  To be quite honest, it had nothing to do with the change in year.  I just hit a place in my spiritual life where I felt compelled to evaluate myself, which should be a reguar occurrence for us.  We are supposed to be in a process of becoming more Christ-like, constantly growing through sanctification in our spiritual life.  We shouldn’t grow complacent and slow down to a stand-still.  This principle is true in just about every facet of life:  there is always room for improvement.  Nikki and I have been incredibly blessed in our deputation travels this year preparing to go to the Philippines as missionaries.  We have reached 15% of the support we need raised, and it looks like things will pick up this spring.  Yet I do not want to fall into the trap of complacency, continuing to do things the same way just because it has worked out well so far.  I’m examining my methods and processess of connecting with churches, filling in our schedule, and casting a vision for our ministry.  I want to be in a constant state of evaluation so as to improve myself and our connection with our churches.  I recently caught a video on Facebook that I felt displayed this principle.

If you know me at all, I was drawn in by the simple fact that this video was about pizza.  Everyone seems to always dog on Domino’s Pizza (I’ve heard that comment about it tasting like cardboard on numerous occassions).  Personally, I always thought it was good.  Not the best pizza in the world, but certainly enjoyable enough.  I admire that the company took complaints about their product seriously enough to examine their pizza and make a change to improve it.  I have not yet tried the “new” Domino’s pizza, although I look forward to doing so.  But you can’t run a business for over fifty years without making changes to how you do things.  It reminded me perfectly of the need for that constant evaluation process that we all need in our lives.  And we have a holiday entirely devoted to this concept.  Happy New Years!

P.S.  My New Years resolution is to blog more often, amongst other goals.  Hopefully I can maintain my record.  Today I am 1 for 1.  A good start!

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