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The Constant

January 23, 2010

Eleven days until the season 6 premier of Lost and I can hardly wait.  I have been a fan since day 1, and it is one of the most finely crafted, intricately woven, deeply satisfying stories I’ve been able to enjoy.  What especially has kept my interest is just how character driven the show is.  I recognize it is not for everyone, but I feel fairly confident that if you watch from the start and are willing to just go with the flow, immerse yourself in the mysteries and enjoy the ride, I believe you won’t be disappointed. 

Mysteries are a funny thing.  I think a lot of people don’t know how to handle them properly.  Some people grow impatient, not savoring the suspense, piecing together all of the clues and speculating on theories of what will come next.  They miss the incredible enjoyment of following it through until the end.  Others enjoy the mystery for mystery’s sake.  They don’t understand the point is to reach the conclusion.  They don’t like it when the status quo changes along the way.  As you well know from previous blog posts, I like a good mystery.  And Lost is a great one.

Speaking of Lost & mysteries, I recently came across a picture that made me stop and take notice.  I was visiting a church  in Kansas City over the Christmas break, and I happened to glance at a pamphlet on the Gospel message they had there.  What really struck me was that the picture of Jesus looked so strikingly familiar.  It sure looked an awful lot like the Lost character Desmond Hume. 

Now I have no proof that the person photographed for the pamphlet is also the same actor who plays Desmond, but here are the pictures.  On the left is a close-up on the Jesus photo, on the right is a picture of actor Henry Ian Cusick.  You be the judge.  I’m sure I will have a lot to write about once Lost is back for its final season, but until then, I’ll see ya in another life, brother.


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  1. January 23, 2010 4:00 am

    Yes! That is Henry Ian Cusick in the 2003
    film Gospel of John. Ian’s portrayal of
    Jesus is wonderful and moving….I definitely
    recommend it!

    Can’t wait to see this last season of LOST!

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