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Tour de Hutchinson

January 25, 2010

This post was inspired by my friend and team-mate Marc Buxton‘s first visit to Hutchinson this week.  Marc, if you are reading this, and to anyone else who might visit our fair city, here are all of the important places to see during your stay.  I hope this will be beneficial to you.  Note:  We took these pictures back during the summer, as will be obvious from the date stamp on them.

Restaurant Guide:

The Anchor Inn

Greatest concept ever.  The only Mexcian buffet I’ve ever come across.  Especially worth trying are the cheese enchiladas, I could eat those all day (and since it is a buffet, that is a possibility).


Bogey’s is the place to go for a milkshake, with literally hundreds of combinations to choose from.

El Potrillo

Best Mexican food in town.  Pastor Tim’s second home.


Local burger joint.  My favorite is the chili cheeseburger and fries.

Taco John’s

Great Tex-Mex fast food.



The only Smithsonian affiliated museum outside of Washinton, D.C.  Traces the histoy of space exploration.

Grain Elevator

Over a mile long, second longest in the world.

Underground Salt Mine Museum

Hutchinson sits on top of a large salt reserve.  There are numerous salt mines, and one has been turned into a great tourist destination!

Kansas State Fair

The party on the prairie, held here every September.  Maybe you can come back for a truly unique experience.

Other Notable Locations:


The greatest entertainment store ever!  I could spend hours here.

Hutchinson Community College

Alma mater to numerous students that have gone on to greater things, such as Jordan Nisly.


Great feat of traffic engineering, complete with its own odd sculpture.  Have fun driving in circles.

Gowan’s Stadium

Home of the six time State Champion Hutchinson High School Salthawks!

Enjoy your stay in our town and come share our space!

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  1. February 4, 2010 12:39 am

    Great photo tour…I’m salivating. Why can’t you get those enchiladas anywhere else on the planet? Nice work posting those photos before their one-year expiration too…he he. Miss you kid.

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