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Charged Up in San Diego

February 5, 2010

So we went kayaking this week in San Diego bay.  What the what!?!

Before I get to that, first a little update on our stay in Southern California.  From Hemet we stayed a few nights with Kyle Smith in Irvine.  His brother Kevin was my roommate for a semester at BBC, and I can now say I have lived (albeit briefly) with both of the Smith brothers.  I had the opportunity to meet with two pastors that were encouraging and interested in our ministry.  We will have to wait and see what comes of those visits, but I am excited about the possibilities.  Then we proceeded to head to San Diego to stay with the Boschens.  Steve & Christa led the college class at High Street during my first two years in Springfield and had a tremendous impact on my life.  They really shaped me in my spiritual growth during that time period and I am so grateful for their investment into me.  I haven’t seen them for a few years since they moved out here to work at Midway Baptist, and it was awesome catching up with them.  On our way there Steve texted me and said he had the kayaks and beach chairs loaded up.  Uhhh . . . huh?  I just assumed he was joking around.  But when we got there, I found it to be a literal truth.  Steve had a plan of action for us.  We began with some fish tacos and then proceeded across the bay bridge to Coronado Island.  From there he set us off in their kayaks and we went paddling up the bay to get a good look at the skyline.  It was a bit windy, which led to some choppy waves, compounded by passing boats and Navy cruisers.  I couldn’t believe I was out here experiencing all of this.  Deputation has been hard work and has really forced us to be faithful in trusting God, and it is really exhilirating when we get to see Him bless us in an unexpected way and get to enjoy this whole process.  It has really been such an incredible 7 months.

So after all of the kayaking and beach-bumming, we spent the rest of the evening with Steve & Christa and their two sons, Nathan & Ryan.  It is cool to see these young men growing up and maturing in their walk with the Lord.  We all swapped stories of what God was doing in our lives over the past 2 1/2 years and really had some great heart to hearts.  On Wednesday I hit up a few local churches and introduced myself, dropping off our packet of information.   I will follow up on those, and we will see if any of them bear fruit for our pursuits.

Wednesday night was a great time of reunions.  I got to catch up with Tim Rutherford, formerly from High Street and now the high school pastor at Midway.  We shared our testimony with the teenagers at Midway and got to connect with a few of them.  We also got to see Jeremiah Stoner and his fiance Shanae, friends of mine from college.  It was wonderful to see how God has been working in their lives.  Jeremiah is the junior high pastor and they both want to go to the mission field eventually.  Wow, it was just great seeing friends and I felt so blessed.  What a great time in San Diego.

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