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“Oh Yeah!”

May 26, 2010

This past weekend Nikki and I were scheduled to visit Grace Baptist Temple in Salina, Kansas.  Salina is right by Hutchinson, so it made the most sense for us to spend the night there and drive up for the service on Sunday.  Quite conveniently, this all lined up perfectly for us to spend the weekend in Hutch in time to celebrate my Grandpa’s 78th birthday!  We had a great time grilling out, although it was quite a gusty day and we had to relight the grill 3 times.  We enjoyed brats, hot dogs, turkey burgers, grilled tilapia, alongside grilled marinated veggies on kebabs (green bell pepper, red onion, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, & yellow squash) and seasoned potatoes cooked on the grill as well.  It was quite the enjoyable spread.  My good friend Michael Wilson came over to join us.  We’ve known each other since elementary school.  I think he became an official member of the family back in October ’08 when he car-pooled with my Grandpa and Dad driving to Springfield for my wedding.  10 hours in a car with someone as interesting as Michael will do that to you.  All in all, it was a great birthday celebration. (Pictures below)

The next day was extraordinary as well.  I had met with Pastor John Kirkland back in January and had such a great time talking with him.  He is a former missionary to Tanzania and Ethiopia and has been here in Salina only since last fall.  Things are going great at the church and everyone there was just so amazing and friendly.  It was great meeting Pastor John’s wife Julie, his daughter Amy, and his son Josh.  What a great family!  It was also fun catching up with youth pastor Matt Parnell, who I’ve gotten to know well over the years through our two youth groups in Hutch & Salina coming together regularly for camps and other events.  Nikki really hit it off with his wife Crystal too.  We are so pleased to call Grace our newest supporting church, bringing us up to 35% in our support raised!  Great weekend, great people, great time worshiping God!

Cutting Grandpa’s hair before lunch.

Michael.  ‘Nuff said.

Chowing down.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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