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“My Pleasure!”

June 2, 2010

I had a very eventful yet mostly relaxing Memorial Day weekend here in KC with the family.  Nikki and her parents often go out on bike rides at local trails and in all of my trips up here with them, I have yet to go out and ride the trails with them.  I’m always a wimp or I have something else going on, so I stay back at home.  Well, when they said they were going out on Saturday, I decided to finally man up and join in on the “alleged” fun.  Well little did I know when I got in the truck that afternoon that the trail we were going riding at in Smithville is 18 miles round trip!  What the what?!?  That would have been good to know in advance.  Well, with little choice afforded me, I pushed off.  It was a beautiful day for a ride and the trail was amazing, running alongside Smithville Lake.  Tons of people were out camping and boating, which added to the interesting view to partake in.  And I was surprised that I made it almost 2/3 of the way before I started to get worn out.  But when I hit the wall, I hit it hard.  The last few miles of the ride were brutal and the final stretch is entirely uphill back to the parking lot, which I barely made it.  But I was quite proud that I endure all the way through, and even better, I made my beautiful wife proud as well.

Sunday we attended Glenwood Baptist Church for their Memorial Weekend service.  It was a great message and always a pleasure catching up with everyone.  Afterwards we had lunch with the Reid family.  Marvelle & Kathy are so fun to be around and we had a great afternoon.

Monday was a big day for me.  On Monday I had a date.  Nope, not with my wife.  I had a date with a sandwich.  To be precise, I had online registered to be one of the chosen few who could sample Chick-fil-A’s brand-new Spicy Chicken sandwich a week before it premiers to the public.  This was a big deal for me.  You see, while in Springfield, Missouri attending college, my first year I found gainful employment at the local mall Chick-fil-A restaurant.  It was my first introduction to their amazing food in my life!  Although I do not miss working fast food at all (except for using the giant squeegee every night to clean the floor, but that’s a whole other post), I did enjoy the perks of getting to chow down on some nuggets or sandwiches for my meal break every day.  I’m also no longer able to hear the words “Thank you” without responding with the customary Chick-fil-A response of “My pleasure” now and probably for the rest of my life.  My entire time there I was constantly saying that they needed to have a spicy chicken sandwich.  It made perfect sense to me; they already had a spicy chicken wrap.  How much harder to put it on a bun?  Alas, during my time there I never saw my plans come to fruition.  Fast forward four years, and now it looks like someone at corporate finally heeded my advice.  (Or so I’m assuming.  Where else would they have gotten the idea from?)  So I was quite eager to try it out.  Imagine my surprise when upon my arrival at the Liberty, MO Chick-fil-A, they ushered me over to a section of the store especially for us Spicy Chicken VIP’s (there sign said that, not my ego), the tables were all dressed up nice with table cloths, and the manager came out and took my order at the table and brought my food to me.  I was impressed.  It only got better as I enjoyed the perfect sandwich:  chicken breast with just the right amount of spicy seasoning, buttered bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, pepper-jack cheese, and I added the best sauce ever, their Honey Roasted Barbecue Sauce.  Couple that with waffle fries and sweet tea, and I was in for one delicious meal.  As I thanked them for the great meal, I heard the expected response:  “My pleasure.”  No Chick-fil-A, the pleasure was truly all mine.

After my enjoyable lunch experience, Nikki and I joined a group of friends from Glenwood and attended the Royals game.  It has been years since I’ve been to Kauffman Stadium and it was a beautiful day for some baseball.  Unfortunately, as much fun as I had, the Royals did not fare so well against the Los Angeles Angles. (When did they change their name from Anaheim?  When will they make up their mind?)  It is quite evident how poorly your team played when the most exciting part of the ballgame was when a teenaged fan ran out on to the field during the seventh-inning stretch.  He was pursued quite vehemently by one of the grounds crew members, who eventually managed to end his attention-grabbing stunt with a flying tackle.

All in all, a great Memorial Weekend.

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