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On Tour

June 25, 2010

Before returning back to Hutch this month, Nikki and I spent a week touring the state of Iowa.  It was a quite enjoyable time, and over the next few days I will share about some of our adventures in the land of corn.  We started out west of Des Moines camping in the Springbrook State Park.  We were there with Nikki’s parents and some of their friends to go on a little biking excursion on the Raccoon River Valley Bike Trail that runs over 50 miles in length.  Nikki put in nearly a hundred miles on the trail round trip; me, I did about 12.  Before you think me a wimp, know that I went along on this journey not with the intention of proving my hardcore biking prowess, but with a desire to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and catch up on some of my reading.  So my days were spent idyllically sitting at the camp, enjoying a few good books, and hiking the nature trails there.  I know that the past few days of blog posts have been quite wordy, so today I’m just going to leave you with an array of photos from our time riding hard and my nature treks.

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