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Getting Back To Basics

July 2, 2010

Long time visitors to my blog here will note a major face-lift has been wrought on the layout and design.  Every so often, I just feel the need to change things up, and I’m very pleased with how it all has turned out.  With this new visual direction, I am also trying to refocus on my goals I had hoped to accomplish through my writing.   I’m not necessarily intending to make any big, sweeping changes to the variety and types of posts.  It will be more like checking the bearings on my missional compass for Luminous Vignettes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts here, give updates on our deputation travels, and even post what I’ve been reading or watching lately.  But I have sorely neglected one of my primary goals for starting this website in the first place:  to attempt more creative writing and to hone that craft, and to saturate my website with what I have personally been learning from God.

So from here on out, expect to see much of the same from me.  I will still be sharing about our adventures on the road, preparing for the mission field.  I will still be giving insights into my life.  I will still occasionally post the random minutiae that bombards my mind so frequently.  But also expect to see my writing begin to reflect the title of this blog more intentionally, with more focus on illuminating the world for Christ through the power of words (Luminous), and more short creative story-writing (Vignettes).

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  1. Brea permalink
    July 2, 2010 10:53 pm

    Love the new look, especially the left column! Good job!

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