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The Jordan-Mobile

December 12, 2010

My Other Car Is A Go-Kart I’ve been keeping this post in my back pocket for awhile now*.  Back last spring, Nikki and I journeyed to the Pacific Northwest to speak at a church in Spokane, WA.  Prior to our visit there, we stayed a couple nights with my aunt in Seattle.  I was flabbergasted one day when we came across one of the most unique looking cars I had ever seen.  Perhaps I just don’t get out much, but I was fascinated by how cool and unusual it looked.  Although not the most practical for transporting passengers (you will have to stay out of the car pool lanes), it looks like it would be pretty fun to zip around in.  If you are curious about this car, you can learn more about the company that manufactures them here.

You Can Tell A Lot About A Man By The Car He Drives I’ve decided that if I ever have cause to become a vigilante that stalks criminals in the dark of night, I will officially soup up one of these babies as my superhero-themed trademarked mode of transportation.  Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh JORDAN!!!!  What’s your favorite car?  What would you drive if you were a superhero?

* I’m behind on adding to the blog, so this will have to tide my readership over until I get around to writing more.  Expect more substantial fare from my blog soon.

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