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Thesis Statement

My name is Jordan.  To know me, to know who I am, is to seek to understand the great passions that define my life and my pursuits.  Jesus Christ is the master focus of my life, touching upon all other aspects and shaping everything that is me.  I owe my life to Him and that is why and how I live every day.  Filtered down from that is my drive for missions.  My wife and I are preparing to go to Manila, Philippines as missionaries, and we are devoted to spending our lives in service to sharing our joy for the grace we have experienced. 

I have many other lesser passions, but for the purpose of this blog, it is relevant to emphasize my love of storytelling.  I see God as the Great Story-teller; through the Bible He displays His ability to weave a tale that is both creative in its over-arching plan and intricate in its rich details.  He is the Author of our life stories.

This blog is about the integral role of story-telling in the depths of our souls, yearning to manifest itself in our everyday life as a sub-conscious reflection of the Creator we were made to resemble on an immaterial level.  We tell stories every single day.  We call up our family and tell them about the events of our week.  We reminisce with friends over past memories.  We are drawn to various mediums that portray stories to us in a creative manner:  TV, film, music, books, comics, painting, sculpture, radio, blog.  The list goes on.  Anything can be used to relate stories.  Story is not confined to fiction, to fantasy, to the imagination.  Story is whenever we open our mouths, put pencil to paper, type on a keyboard, or put brush to canvas and express ourselves in an attempt to share a small piece of our lives.  Sharing our story is our life.  And our life is our story.  But they all tie into one larger Story that the Lord is seeking to tell through the existence of time.

Sometimes I will tell share the personal story of someone I’ve met along my life’s journey who has impacted me and has been transformed by Christ’s light.  Sometimes I will relate about my endeavor with my wife to go to the Philippines.  Sometimes I might endorse a particular book, film, etc. that had something to say that caused me to stop and think and contemplate the story it told.   Sometimes it might be me seeking to express that deep inner need to create and weave a story from the imagination.  Whatever it may be, I hope that you will enjoy it and contemplate your own story and how it fits into the culmination of God’s tale for this world.

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